We believe that it is imperative that we know our clients as well as we can. It is for that reason that we limit the number of clients that one adviser will look after. An in-depth knowledge of you and your objectives as well as what you value help us deliver the services and advice that has the optimal benefit to you and your best interests.

We don’t charge for the initial meeting as we believe it is vital that we understand whether we can assist you or not.

We don’t charge large upfront fees. Once we have identified a need and a pathway where by we can assist, any engagement with Millhaven is then agreed over a 12 month period and then rescoped and renegotiated at the end of that period.

It is also possible that due to our recommendations that other external professional services may be required. These services may have fees separate to ours.

How we cost our service


VALUE – Our fee is directly linked to the value we deliver by a highly qualified team whose mission is to understand what is important to you. We commit to delivering all the services to you that are required to meet your objective.

SIMPLICITY – Our ongoing fee structure is clear, transparent, easy to understand and calculated.

PERSONALISED – Our fee will relate directly to services you need; how complex your circumstances are and how you wish to engage with us. You pay a fixed fee this may change as you circumstances change.

FAIR – As our fees are tailored for each client they are fair to each client and they include a profit margin so that we can continue to serve you in a manner appropriate to your circumstances.

GOAL – Our goal is to ensure our services are valuable to you and valued by you.

Any questions about our services, please complete the form below.