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Millhaven is committed to providing the ultimate in strategic and technical planning,
as well as servicing each client’s unique ongoing needs.

We are Millhaven Financial Services

Millhaven is committed to providing the ultimate in strategic and technical planning, as well as servicing each client’s unique ongoing needs. 

In order to maintain our high standards, your Planner is trained to understand the importance of an in depth analysis of your goals and circumstances that will form the basis of your financial strategy. 

We feel that we have something to offer every client, some may be in a position that require little or no help and that is the reason we always maintain ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’! Therefore we will build upon the good and established sections of your portfolio and advise alternatives for the unproductive parts. 

An appointment with one of our Licensed Financial Planners before acting upon any of the information provided is strongly recommended.

Where are you right now?

“We help people shape and live extraordinary lives”



We provide a broad range of financial services to our clients. These range for basic budgeting through to complex investment structures. We know that the more holistic the advice the better the outcomes.


Well run, successful companies have the benefit of Chief Financial Officer that advises their boards. As a family, why shouldn’t you have that same benefit. As your Family Financial Officer we will advise you as to what we believe is in your best interests.


You may be aware that in Australia nearly ever personal insurance product recommendation has some form of commission built into its premium. As a fee for service practice we do not accept any form of commission and as such our clients can benefit from a reduction in premium of up to 42% annually.


Many clients hold assets outside of the Superannuation environment and it important that these assets are appropriate considered in the holistic view of a client financial situation. Our holistic appropriate helps client manage and maximise the benefits of these assets to dovetails them into the long term objectives.


How we prepare for our retirement is one of the most important and misunderstood processes. Often clients are a little unsure as to what their retirement might look like, so it is imperative that we try a paint a clear picture of this first. A well planned and managed transition into retirement can make thousand of dollar difference each year in term of income.


As a SMSFA Specialist Advisor we pride ourselves on providing tailored strategic and administrative advice to your SMSF.