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Finance can form an important part of your ongoing financial situation. With the risk of variable interest rates and a raft of products on the market, choosing the right finance structure for your investments can make the difference between a average return and an exceptional return.

Our finance partners have access to over 40 lenders and aim to provide our clients with the best possible finance structure now and in the future. Although the initial structure is critically important it is essential that these structures are monitored on a regular basis. This ongoing monitoring will ensure that the final returns on any related investment are maximised.

With rising non tax deductible household debt throughout Australia, debt consolidation can help improve cash flow for families and allow improved saving strategies or further investment considerations.

The reduction of non tax deductible debt has always been at the forefront  of a sound finance plan. Mortgage reduction strategies can help to increase wealth in the long term and provide financial security over the assets that often mean the most.

We will ensure that any existing arrangements are reviewed thoroughly to ensure there appropriateness going forward.

Eastern Financial Solutions provide all the benefits you would expect from an specialised finance company together with a mobile lending service that comes to you.


Mint Tactical Lending Solutions pride themselves on their customer service and provide an alternative to  conservative bank lending criteria.

Service offered: Services offered by Eastern Financial Solutions

• Home Loans
• Commercial Loans
• Motor Vehicle Finance
• Low Doc Loans

Discalimer: Wealthaven Pty Limited is not responsible for any of the advice given by Eastern Financial Solutions.
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