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Property is a popular asset class in Australia and has historically performed well over the long term. Many Australian have direct exposure to the property market through their own homes and some have increased this exposure through direct property investments, which often provides the individual or entity with specific tax benefits.

We at Millhaven have taken it upon ourselves to help our client maximise the potential of their property portfolios whether it be just their home or a portfolio of numerous properties.

Many property profolios are ineffecient and can be tuned to provide greater tax effeciencies and a greater net return. We always assess your properties present returns and it effectiveness for you and your present situation.

What entity to hold your property portfolio in, is a common question that we often get asked. Options to consider may include:- Individuals, Partnerships, Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts, Hybrid Trusts and Self Mananged Super Funds

It is imperative that you consider the potential tax consequences of selling or purchasing any property investment. We recommend that you seek specific tax advice to these incidencies. We would be happy to recommend an appropriate tax specialist if so required.

We also have access to the following services through our accrediated partners.

Real Estate Services

• Real Estate - Buyers Agent
• Real Estate Sales / Purchases
• Real Estate Investments: Residential, Commercial & Industrial Property
• Real Estate Portfolio Management
• Property Management
• Project Marketing

Kindly contact James at Millhaven regarding how property can effectively be used in your portfolio.

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