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When the big things happen in life, like having your first child or making plans to care for a frail parent, managing the big financial questions can be complex and confusing. It may be hard to get your head around all the implications, and all the financial options which might be available. This is when an experienced professional can assist, to help you understand the things that have to done, and work with other professionals who may be needed to complete the picture.

Perhaps you have been through one of these significant events before. Looking back now, you can see how it might have helped to have professional advice, especially to handle the questions about finance, tax, or legal issues.

If you haven’t been through one of these events, have you thought about what would you do, for example, if you received an inheritance? What sort of choices would you make, and what advice would help you to make the best decisions for you and your family?

Taking the step
When a major event needs a response, it’s not always easy to know where to start and how to work through the issues, large and small: issues like managing cash flow, budgeting, sorting out insurance cover, or a myriad other things. It is reassuring to know that financial advisers have seen it all before, and are happy to help you find your way through.

Other professionals like your lawyer or accountant might need to manage some changes for you — changes to wills, powers of attorney or superannuation, for example — and advisers are used to working with them, or can refer you to people who can help. Working together, you can sort out what the options are, what has to be done now, and what needs to be put in place for the future. To plan for the way ahead.

And when there is a lot happening in your life and emotions may be running high, it is the long-term view that is hard to hold on to. Our advisers bring experience, to assist you and help you weigh up the priorities that really matter.

No matter what big event might be happening in your life — receiving an inheritance, tackling what has to be done after divorce, or even starting a new family — by getting in touch with us you can get straight down to dealing with the important questions.

Take the step, and experience the rewards.

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