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6 steps to the Financial Planning process

Step 1 – The Initial Consultation allows both you and the Financial Planner to find out more about each other. This is a free consultation and gives the client a chance to ask the questions that will help him/her make a decision on whether or not to proceed.

Step 2 – Fact Finding or Collect the Data is a crucial part of the process and is essential to providing clear, accurate and sound advice.

Step 3 – Preparation of the Plan is the process of taking all of your goals, needs issues and facts and applying them to 7 major strategy areas. 

• Budgeting
• Taxation
• Protection
• Super
• Social Security
• Investing
• Estate Planning

The outcome is what is called a Statement of Advice.

Step 4 – Discussing the Recommendations and presentation of the plan gives you a chance to ask any questions and make sure that you are comfortable to move forward with the advice.

Step 5 – Implementation of the plan takes you through the necessary steps to make the agreed upon advice happen.

Step 6 – Ongoing Review of your situation is an essential part of you staying on track with your objectives and needs. Reviews are conducted periodically normally 6 monthly to ensure stability.
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