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Our Fees

Initial Consultation
All new clients start with an initial consultation where we look at your current situation, your goals and objectives and identify what your financial planning needs are. The initial consultation can last up to 2 hours and at the conclusion we will discuss what additional action is required. This meeting is conducted where you feel most comfortable, therefore we are happy to conduct this meeting in your home or at our offices.

In some cases clients do not need any further advice and so you will receive a short written summary of what was discussed. If your situation is such that you need more complex advice then you may need a more detailed report. The cost of this would be discussed with you at the conclusion of the first meeting. In some cases it may be just a couple of extra hours of time but in other situations you may need a mini or full financial plan or a membership option may be suggested. At all times we will endeavour to provide you with the level of advice that is most appropriate for your needs.
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